29 December 2014

Honor, Excellence, and Humility

There's a controversial hoodie design circulating on Facebook which contains the statement "I graduated from UPD. To save time, let's just assume I'm always right."

Tantanan nga ang pagbabaluktot ng kahulugan ng 'school pride/spirit.' This kind of arrogance should not be imbibed or tolerated by the alumni of the University of the Philippines - Diliman. Ang tunay at matinong Iskolar ng Bayan, may dangal at husay na hindi kailangang tahasang ipagyabang. Maliban pa rito, ang chaka ng design. This is why I made a better version with the statement: "I may have graduated from UP, but I continue to study and learn because I was taught to assume that I don't know everything."

Sabi nga sa amin sa Buklod CSSP, as Iskolars para sa Bayan, we must "learn for and from the people; and struggle for and with the people."

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