13 April 2013


"If they think na I’m not qualified eh ‘di maghain kayo ng disqualification case sa Comelec para ma-disqualify talaga ako because if they’re questioning about my qualification, the best place to air ‘yung kung qualified talaga ako is ‘yung Comelec." - Nancy Binay (from an article on Rappler).

When we say that you are unqualified TO BE Senator, it does not necessarily mean that you are unqualified to RUN FOR Senator. We are not asking for you to be DISqualified. We're just saying you are simply UNqualified, not based on COMELEC and Constitutional requirements, but by standards that we place on the people we elect. 

And no, COMELEC is not the best place for us to determine if you are qualified. It is in debates and fora where you should be able to face fellow candidates and the people while explaining your platform and positions on issues. 

I don't think we're demanding too much from someone who chose to run for office, an act that entails scrutiny from the public and accountability on the part of the candidate.

It's this simple: Don't twist words. Don't overreact. Show up in senatorial debates. Get a dictionary.

This is no longer about prodding Binay to go head-to-head with a fellow senatorial candidate. This is about respecting the electorate. Shrugging off criticisms as irrelevant taunts is an insult to each and every Filipino who value the democratic right to vote.
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