05 June 2011

#TipsForUPFreshies on Twitter

The freshmen of the University of the Philippines - Diliman, I'm sure, are having a field day with the flurry of tweets with the hashtag #TipsForUPFreshies. This all started just yesterday through Eloi Hernandez (@eloindigoart), a UP professor, with just one tweet:

Prof. Hernandez explained in a later tweet that she thought of starting such a topic because she, Akbayan's Jonas Bagas (@jonasbagas), and Rock Ed's Gang Badoy (@gangbadoy) were talking about "UP folks never forgetting their student numbers." And so came the flood of tweets from UP students and alumni giving their two cents' worth (which may be summed up to thousands by now) about how to survive life as a new Iskolar ng Bayan. Up to now, #TipsForUPFreshies is still trending locally in the Philippines. It has become popular that other universities are also giving a shot at their own versions for their freshmen.

Tweets from well-meaning sophomores, juniors, seniors, super-seniors, and graduates tell freshmen a vast array of words of wisdom, ranging from where to eat to how to get to certain places, from which subjects to take to where to hang out, from how to manage academic life to how to be an Iskolar para sa Bayan. Of course, as any older Isko or Iska would expect, the immortal "TBA" joke is still being thrown around here and there. Other UP units have also joined in on the fun, giving their own tips about their take on UP life.

Here are some of my #TipsForUPFreshies:

  • Kasama sa pagiging Iskolar ng Bayan ang pagiging Iskolar para sa Bayan.
  • Explore and experiment, but be safe while doing so. Free condoms sa Ctr. for Women's Studies. Free advice sa Vinzons OCG.
  • Be respectful and sensitive to gender differences. Buksan ang isipan. Mag-ingat sa mga salita. Break stereotypes. 
  • Appreciate the works of National Artists all around the Diliman campus (i.e. sculptures, architecture). 
  • If you're in a social science course and you're planning to shift, DON'T. Maraming oportunidad after graduation. Promise. 
  • Be familiar with UP alumni. Emulate the great ones while staying away from the path of those at the wrong side of history. 
  • Develop an advocacy. By default, as an Iskolar para sa Bayan, you already have one. However, being specific wouldn't hurt. 
  • Sa freshmen na sumagi sa isip na sumali ng frat, magnilay-nilay nang mabuti at panoorin ito: http://youtu.be/lGJuFS6009Y.

Congratulations, UP freshmen. Because of social media, gone are the days of sink or swim. Welcome to the University of the Philippines! Iskolar ng Bayan, maging Iskolar para sa Bayan!

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