30 May 2011

Karen Walker: Role Model

A collection of lines from Karen Walker (played by Megan Mullally) in Will & Grace:

Good Lord. I can't believe I'm at a public pool. Why doesn't somebody just pee directly on me?

Martini, honey, and don't waste any space with those olives!

Grace! It's Christmas for goodness sake! Think about the baby Jesus. Up in that tower letting his hair down, so that the three wise men could climb up and spin the dreidel and see if there's six more weeks of winter!

You know what those rocks need... a little scotch.

Oh honey somebody got some flowers... or as i like to call them "poor people's jewelery."

Okay, Rule #1: Unless you're served in a frosted glass, never come within four feet of my lips.

Well, I feel a little bit uncomfortable. All of these gay eyes on me. Judging me. Undressing me. Then dressing me up again in a different outfit.

The boys only liked me because I was kind and I listened, and I let them bang me under the bleachers while everybody watched.

That’s like saying Pradas are just shoes or vodka is just a morning beverage.

Will, I forget, are you gay or straight these days? Wait, let me do a little test...There's a penis and a vagina in a tent and its on fire, which do you save?

Honey, I'm too tired to slap you. Bash your face up against my palm.

Hey, hey, hey. Come on! I know what guilt is. It's one of those touchy-feely words that people throw around that don't really mean anything. You know, like maternal or addiction.

You say potato, I say vodka.

21 May 2011

Mga Hirit at Banat (Part 3)

Isang hapon, noong ika-6 ng Agosto 2009, habang umiinom sa Sarah's...

Jeff: 'Di ba love natin si Nicole Hyala [of 90.7 Love Radio]?
Erika: Oo!
Jeff: Ayaw niya [ni Viktor] sa kanya!
Viktor: Hindi ko ayaw kay Nicole Hyala. Ayaw ko lang ng mga tugtog dun.
Jeff: Eh, tiisin mo!
Erika: It's part of the package!

Viktor: [Interrupts Erika.]
Jeff: [to Erika] Bakla, binastos ka niya.
Erika: [to Viktor] Oo, pero sana totoohanin mo 'di ba?

Jeff: [Habang malakas ang hangin.] Chicago!
Viktor: [Smirk, bilang alam niya ang ibig sabihin ng hirit na ito dati pa.]
Erika: [Smirk din.]
Jeff: Na-gets mo?
Erika: Oo, Windy City!
Jeff: Wow!
Erika: P*#@&*$@! Anong akala mo sa 'kin! Excuse me!

Jeff: Ang ganda ni Scarlett Johansson!
Erika: Eh ang pangit kaya ng mukha niya!
Viktor: Magkamukha kaya kayo!
Erika: ...Actually, maganda naman talaga siya.

Once Upon a Time...

10 Ibanag Street, La Vista, Quezon City. The house I lived in for twenty-five years.

18 May 2011


Isang palitan via text message...

Jeff: Isa bang sign kung ang kinakanta mo habang naliligo ka ay biglang pinatugtog naman sa opisina pag dating mo?
Viktor: Tawag diyan, sikat na kanta, hit, o kaya classic. Haha!
Erika: Depende kung ano yung kanta. Kung Papa Americano, 'di ako sure kung paano yun i-interpret. Haha!
Jeff: Haha! Hindi. Araw-Gabi ni Regine Velasquez.


Erika: Nalalasing ka ba sa tuwa?
Jeff: Oo. Araw-gabi. Hahaha! 

Araw-Gabi - Regine Velasquez

14 May 2011

Swan, Duckling, Itik, Bibe

Sa taxi, habang papunta kay Erika sa Maynila...

Viktor: Anong Tagalog ng swan?
Jeff: Ewan... Iswan?
Viktor: Haha! Ano nga?
Jeff: Ewan. Hindi naman kasi siya endemic dito e.
Viktor: Kahit naman hindi endemic, may Tagalog pa rin.
Jeff: Oo nga 'no. Orange. Kahel. Hahaha!
Viktor: Hehe... Meron nga bang swan dito?
Jeff: Hindi ka pa nakakakita?! Sa zoo?
Viktor: Never pa...
Jeff: Sa kasal? 'Di ba may mga ganun minsan?
Viktor: Gusto ko nun pag kinasal ako!
Jeff: Ako, fire-breathing dragon! O kaya phoenix! Haha!
Viktor: Haha! So ano nga ang Tagalog ng swan? Ano ba ang difference niya sa goose?
Jeff: Ano ba?! Hindi ka pa ba nakabasa ng Ugly Duckling?
Viktor: Oo, duck kasi yun e!
Jeff: . . . . .


Erika: Hindi ba itik? Ano ba yun?
Jeff: Gaga! 'Di ba duck yun?!
Erika: O sige! E ano ang bibe?!
[Natatawa na ang taxi driver...]
Erika: Viktor! Hindi mo alam itsura ng swan?! 'Di ba yung sa mga pigurin?! [Sabay turo sa dashboard ng taxi.]

Mas later pa...
Viktor: Dapat kasama natin si Erika nung pinag-uusapan natin 'to!
Jeff: Oo nga, para may mas malalang sagot kaysa sa 'kin...

A few days after, si Maien ang nakakasagot ng katanungan. Ang Filipino raw para sa 'swan' ay 'sisne'.

11 May 2011

Mga Hirit at Banat (Part 2)

Mga usapan sa department store, kapihan, parke, inuman, at kung saan-saan sa pagitan nina Viktor Fontanilla at Jeff Crisostomo patungkol sa kung anu-ano...

07 May 2011

An Insomniac's Soliloquy

The sorrow becomes more tangible 
as the persephonic desperation is intensified by medean hatred. 
At this point, one can feel the exhaustion from the simplicity of thoughts that linger. 
Such imagined near and far futures can slice to an unendurable depth. 
The painful paranoia of the present makes it even worse.

And 'tis not the least bit comforting to know that the bittersweet happy ending 
shall remain to be so frustratingly elusive. 
With that, pour in the numbness to fill the open wounds. 
Tonight, I smile for the tear that never fell.

Sweet dreams, unlit cigarette. 
I'll have you in the morning.

(16 June 2009)

POWER. Babala: Nakalalason.

06 May 2011

Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan, guilty. Tsk, tsk...

My previous tweets in relation to this:

As far as I know, based on principle and experience, a student council should always be a bastion of accountability and transparency. Ü (06 May 2011, 1:01 a.m.)

Minutes of official proceedings are there to keep things on record. These are not meant as a sole vehicle for transparency. This is why assemblies (i.e. sessions in Congress, general assemblies of student councils) are public. This is why we have this concept called vigilance. These combined prevent what we fear from dictatorships-- the curtailment of our democratic right to speak freely and the abuse of power. (via Facebook; 06 May 2011, 1:33 a.m.)

If these things happened back in '07, good luck sa kanila. (06 May 2011, 1:48 a.m.)

Ang laki naman ng paa mo, Ate. Ang dami mong natatapakan, gaya ng mga karapatan at kalayaan. Ingat, baka maging magka-size kayo ni Gloria. (06 May 2011, 11:26 a.m.)

Walang personalan, prinsipyo lang. Ü (06 May 2011, 1:21 p.m.)

Congressmen tweet events DURING plenary. I've never seen the Speaker reprimand them for doing so. What's the diff with a student council GA? (07 May 2011, 1:59 p.m.)

Security of Tenure Bill, Isabatas Na!

30 April 2011 (Labor Day Eve) 

Gloria, You're Next!

29 April 2011

Terorista Ako

29 April 2011

Think Before You Click

24 April 2011

This was inspired by the recent outbreak of the virus that feeds on vanity on Facebook. Wondering how many and who viewed your profile? As a friend said, go back to Friendster. And now, we have those curiously morbid types clicking on links of bloody Osama Bin Laden photos and videos. Ugh. Stop it.


13 March 2011

"I am a Catholic. I support the RH Bill."

02 October 2010

* For the record, I'm non-practicing. This was just for Catholic friends who prodded me to make this.

No Merci!

21 July 2010

Etta Rosales for CHR Chair

21 July 2010

I made this back when there were rumors circulating around that former Akbayan Representative Loretta Ann Rosales was going to be appointed as head of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), replacing Leila de Lima, who is now Secretary of the Department of Justice. 

Upon hearing news about her appointment, Rosales said, "I will ensure that the Commission under my stewardship will not be beholden to any politician or any group but only to the universal principles of human rights. I will only be impartial to the respect and recognition of human dignity." (18 August 2010)


"Human rights are rights that every human being has simply because she or he is a human being. Human rights are what make us human beings; without them, we are not different from other animals. Every human being has intrinsic worth, and every human person, is born with equal and inalienable rights. These rights are universal, meaning all human beings in the world have them regardless of sex, gender, skin color, race, nationality, social status, religion or political belief. These rights are also interdependent, interrelated and indivisible, meaning one human right is necessary for the fulfillment of all other human rights; consequently, the violation of one human right will necessarily violate all the other human rights. No one, neither state nor non-state actors may curtail these rights except only under a small number of clearly defined situations that are strictly applied."
- Commission on Human Rights Chairperson Etta Rosales (25 February 2011)

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